I’m a Scientist – you’ve now evicted… Kevin

We’ve counted the votes and now it’s time to evict…


Sorry to see KEVIN go after all your hard work. We hope you’ve had fun

In just 24 hours time the final 2 Health Zone scientists will be revealed to battle it out in the final. Who gets through to the final for a chance to win €500? YOU decide!

The last 3 scientists have it all to play for and they need your vote. So vote NOW to make sure your favourite scientist makes it through to Friday’s final – VOTE HERE

What do you think about science NOW?

We hope that taking part in I’m a Scientist has been fun and interesting. But has it changed your view of science and scientists? Please tell us what you think about science now you’ve taken part. When you next log in you’ll see a pink box with 4 quick questions on the right of the window. Please help us out by filling them in.

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