• Question: can i have the recipe for your giant jaffa cake ?? and hi

    Asked by isobelbrowne to Jean on 22 Nov 2012.
    • Photo: Jean Bourke

      Jean Bourke answered on 22 Nov 2012:

      You can of course. I’m afraid it will have to wait until this evening when I get home coz I need to check my notes.

      Ok. So this is what I did, feel free to do the same or mix it up a bit. Maybe you could use a different jelly or something like that. Maybe raspberry, then you could cover it with white chocolate….omnomnomnom

      Anyway back to the point. I made the base using a classic Victoria sponge based on 8 eggs. I did have some left over but I suppose it depends on how big the pan you use to make the sponge is.

      Beat together 400g of caster sugar and 400g of butter until it’s light and fluffy. Beat in 8 eggs, one by one. Then add in a bit of vanilla essence. Stir 2 tsp of baking powder into 400g of self raising flour and slowly beat into the mixture. Beat in about 4 tablespoons of milk to loosen it a bit.

      I used a large frying pan to bake it in. It was a nonstick pan but just to be safe I lined the base with a circle of greaseproof paper and greased it all well. Bake it at 170 degrees Celsius. I can’t tell you exactly how long I baked it for but check it after about 20 mins, then check it every 5 mins until it’s golden. Once you take it out of the oven check it’s cooked through by putting a skewer into the middle. It should come out clean.

      To make the jelly I used 2 packs of chivers orange flavour jelly but I used half the amount of water the packet says to so that the jelly was quite dense. Instead of just using water I used some Robinsons orange cordial (about half and half) to make it extra orangey.

      I used a slightly smaller pan for the jelly. I waited until the next day to put the jelly on the sponge so that everything was totally cold. I was a bit worried about putting hot chocolate on the jelly so I put the jelly in the fridge for a while. I melted 2 big bars of chocolate and slowly put the chocolate on. I used a rubber spatula to smooth it on.

      And there you have your giant jaffa cake!