• Question: what element is iron man thats for ur time

    Asked by naomibrereton to Enda, Jean, Kate, Kev, Tim on 16 Nov 2012.
    • Photo: Enda O'Connell

      Enda O'Connell answered on 16 Nov 2012:


      If you are asking about Tony Stark then he is made of the same elements you are. 99% of the human body is made up of six elements oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. Less than 1% is made up of potassium, sulphur, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium and about 12 others like caesium, titanium and even mercury.

      If you are asking about his suit then the first version “Mark I” was an allow of iron, copper and magnesium from disassembled Stark mortar cannons. The “Mark II” suit was much lighter and more flexible and was made mainly from silver and stainless steel, which is an alloy of iron, carbon and chromium. The “Mark III” suit was made from a gold-titanium alloy, to overcome the problem of freezing when flying at higher altitudes. Although, this particular alloy doesn’t exist in reality as the actual percentages of gold and titanium wouldn’t work, TitaniumGold is used in dentistry for fillings, crowns and bridges.

      If you are just asking “what element is iron, man?” then Iron is a chemical element with the symbol “Fe” from the Latin word “ferrum”.


    • Photo: Jean Bourke

      Jean Bourke answered on 16 Nov 2012:

      @enda I like the latter option.
      @naoimi good question.

      New alloys are still being made to develop ones with the properties we need such as stronger or more flexible. An alloy is a mixture of metals all melted together, not chemically combined.